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The Windy System™A Beacon ofSustainability — Delivering Both Energyand a Point of View

Our pioneering wind-sail technology and integrated solar array provides:

A tangible example of an organization's commitment to sustainability

An efficient system to harness the power of both wind and solar

A high-visibility, high-impact marketing vehicle

The Pioneer in Wind Energy

Three proprietary technology breakthroughs separate the Windy System™ from the competition.


Windy™ takes advantage of gusting, turbulent winds around buildings with an effective vertical wind sail along with solar power for greater efficiency.


Windy™ has broad surfaces and rotates slowly, providing incredible stopping power so logos and artwork are visible at all times.


Windy™ uses slow rotation in a controller manner to produce electricity. The sail is quiet and no risk to birds, bats, or butterflies.

The Wind Energy Corporate Vision

We believe the Windy System™ provides an intelligent, responsible and viable way for commercial properties to contribute to a paradigm shift of renewable energy creation.Read more Within just the next two years, Wind Energy Corporation projects a meaningful impact in positive sustainable energy production. As more partners continue to implement this revolutionary technology, with even just 1% of all US commercial buildings receiving a Windy System implementation, the net effects are significant toward building a real future of sustainability for a greener planet.

Homes powered

The Equivalent Impact of 300 Installations


The Equivalent Impact of 10,000 Installations


Tons of CO2 offset

The Equivalent Impact of 300 Installations


The Equivalent Impact of 10,000 Installations


Electric Vehicles Charged

The Equivalent Impact of 300 Installations


The Equivalent Impact of 10,000 Installations


It's an iconic marketing tool that attracts attention, enhances our brand, and makes a statement about our commitment to sustainability, all while helping offset a portion of our electric bill.

— Bob Boggus, President, Boggus Ford, Harlingen, Texas

It’s a win-win for us. The sail is attractive, it’s bird-friendly, and it twists slowly so everyone will see our logo. It tells everyone Ford is in the game when it comes to renewable energy, and that its dealers are too.”

— Jim Cognetta, President, Dana Ford Lincoln, Staten Island, NY said.

In The News

Official Ford Press Release

Ford announces exclusive WEC pilot program.

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Green Biz

Auto giant Ford announced innovative new plans this week that could see its dealers across the country become renewable energy hubs.

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Clean Technica

Ford has just tapped four dealerships to receive micro wind turbines in a first-of-its-kind partnership with the aptly named company Wind Energy Corporation.

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About Wind Energy

Wind Energy Corporation and its world-class technology partners have developed a revolutionary renewable energy system to harvest both wind and solar energy in commercial property environments. Our flagship Windy System™ is built upon a series of breakthroughs that optimize performance across four key dimensions: efficiency, aesthetics, local environmental impact and cost effectiveness. Installed at scale, the Windy System™ will play a vital role as a catalyst for sustainable development – both as a producer of energy and a powerful symbol of our customers’ deep commitment to a sustainable future.

Our Partners

Leadership Team

James R. Fugitte
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jim Fugitte has successfully developed start-up businesses in the financial services industry . A 2001 Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year, he has over 30 years of CEO experience and served as Faculty Chairman for the Graduate School of Retail Bank Management at the University of Virginia. From 1986 to 2007 , he was President and CEO of Fort Knox National Company as well as its affiliate, Fort Knox National Bank.

Tracy Goss
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Tracy Goss is an internationally recognized consultant who specializes in transformational leadership working with chief executive officers and the senior management teams. During the last 20 years, she has created a unique strategic change and re-invention methodology, known as The Winning Strategy Re-Invention Methodology. Her clients have included major U.S. and international communications, technology, banking, chemical and retailing companies such as Paramount Pictures, IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank, Reebok, EuropCar, Rochester Tel, Owens Corning, Monsanto, Ciba-Geigy, HEB and the UK Internet bank Egg.

F. Jackson Phillips
Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Jack Phillips is a general manager with 28 years of experience in composites at Owens Corning, including ten years in Europe. He was vice president responsible for Owens Corning’s global Thermoplastics Solutions Business with operations in North America , Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. Throughout his career, Jack has been responsible for large-scale product development and commercialization of composite products for military, automotive and commercial markets.

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